Stop collecting, start indexing!

Copyright David Rudnick

While the tech giants scrape the whole internet to build their massive databases we are left behind. Why can’t we all have google images for ourselves?

Google and Facebook are indexing anything they can get their hands on, so why not the rest of us?

Anything’s goal is to give the power of modern technology to you. We are building your own personalized, living, and breathing image archive, each image automatically classified by machine learning.

Google image search but with good images, Pinterest but automated, and also unlike the two, it’s cool.

No platforms! Images should be free

We save images from any platform, we take them out of their contained silos and platforms they have been imprisoned. We liberate them from the platforms they are boxed in.

No Advertising

Anything will never use your data to sell you something. We couldn’t care less about your data, our goal is to give you a tool that is useful for you… like a hammer and a nail. 🛠

Bookmarking? — No More!

Adding individual images to a board or similar is from the technological dark ages.

Let us do this for you. You can add any source of images, be it an Instagram profile or just a website and Anything will track these sources.

Searching and Archiving

All images are automatically indexed, tagged by machine learning.

A Metaphor for Anything — We see the whole internet as a gigantic flow of things we are tapping into

We understand sources as a source of things, like water in the mountains, a spring river. These sources of water flow down the river as streams which then form pools.

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